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Robots Approach the Uncanny Valley

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Stepping into my first post for this blog, I wanted to help get into the nuts and bolts of robotics, so to speak, and take a step back so we can better understand the world of robots.  Due to this blog, I’ve started reading some pretty interesting things.  I’ve known about the uncanny valley for quite some time but really only ever thought about it in terms of cartoons and computer graphics.  The uncanny valley is a point on the scale where as something moves from very unhumanlike to humanlike, its acceptance plummets.  It becomes creepy to us to see something that is almost human but not human.

As robots develop and become more realistic, they approach the Uncanny Valley.  This might be a deterrent to bringing robots into our homes as caregivers and servants.  If they are creepy to us, we won’t want them around.  There might be a schism of sort between android type robots and utilitarion Roomba like robots.


Written by robosteve

November 26, 2008 at 9:57 am

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