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The Role of Intelligence in Robotics

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Robotics and artificial intelligence are linked in many academic discussion.  As the role of robots increases in our daily lives, there is an assumption that the intelligence behind the robot also increases.  Robot uprising is viewed as the robots gaining a level of intelligence that makes them want to throw off the yokes of service to their human owners.

In my mind there are three paths to a robot uprising that rely upon different levels of artificial intelligence.  The first path I will call The Path of Blade Runner.  The second path I’ll call The Path of Westworld.  And the last path I will call The Path of Runaway.

The Path of Blade Runner

On this path to the robot uprising, technology has developed artifical intelligence to a level that unless examined by a trained expert, a human would not know that the robot was a machine.  Machines with amazing power, strength, and abilities that no human could hope to stand up against.  These robots are very aware that they are being used and abused, that they are the new slave class of human society.  Their intelligence gives them a yearning to be free, just like humans did in the great peasant revolts around the world.  Inequality leads to revolution.  It is a naturalistic way societies maintain a semblance of balance.

The Path of Westworld

Does anyone remember the movie Westworld with Yul Brynner?  Westworld presents a scenario where robots aren’t thinking machines at all, but have a broad array of functions that simulate intelligence to allow for humans to have a real life roleplaying experience.  On this path, the robots are carefully controlled machines, their actions hemmed in by their programming, but something goes awry.  The programming that keeps the robots from hurting people doesn’t work.  The safety switch no longer functions.  Suddenly the gunslinger that was part of a Wild West fantasy is acting like a real murderous gunslinger.  No one would ever think this humanoid robots were humans as the basic interaction would clearly demonstrate their lack of intelligence.  Stray off topic and ask about something that isn’t in their programming and they wouldn’t be able to give an answer.

The Path of Runaway

Runaway is another great killer robot movie that helps round out the paths to the robot uprising.  Here we have robots of all types, not humanoid at all.  They are very much like the Mindstorm robots, erector set robots, and other mechanical creations that we are accustomed to in our daily lives. Only these robots have specifically been programmed to kill.  There is no intention to make them appear or act human.  There is no intelligence in these machines at all, only a program that controls their actions and drives them to perform awful acts of murder.  There is an intelligence behind these creations, though.  That intelligence would most likely be a deranged roboticist with a vendetta against society.  Though we cannot completely rule out an AI that is churning out drones to do its dirty work.

As I discussed, the path to the robot uprising is not necessary link to the development of artificial intelligence.  I didn’t even touch upon the fourth path that is only ever discussed on late moonless nights after a fifth of cheap whisky has been polished off and the embers of the fire begin to glow… and that is The Path of Maximum Overdrive.  I shudder at the thought and I ask that I never be forced to discuss this while sober, ever!


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December 15, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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