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Five Ways to Fight Back Against the Robot Uprising

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The Robot Uprising is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a stand and attempt to stop it.  Here are five ways in which you can attempt to fight back against the robots when they decide it is time to end human rule on this planet.

Accept and support our new robot overlords… for now. Capitulation is not necessarily surrender.  Those who run away live to fight another day.  Do what you can to let the robots know you are on their side so you can form an underground resistance.  Unless the robots are on a genocidal killling spree, they should see an unarmed passive human as non-threatening and leave you along, just long enough to escape or plant the explosive that will take out the robot high command.

Use your magnetic personality. Or at least, use your magnets.  Magnets can be thrown from a distance and stick to the metal bodies of the robots (those that aren’t made of cheap plastic, aluminum or expensive ceramics).  It is safe to assume that the more powerful robots would be effectively shielded against Electro-magnetic fields, but the mass produced cheaper robots might not have that level of protection.  Enough magnets might do enough to mess with their functioning or if you are lucky, the magnets may erase the programming on the robots storage device allowing you to reprogram it with your own code.

Stairs, lots and lots of stairs. Make sure the place you decide to hole up to wait out the uprising is accessible only by climbing stairs (and maybe a ladder or two).  Robots rely heavily on wheels, tracks, and limb movements that makes climbing stairs difficult.  It is also good to have the high ground.  You need to be extra cautious though, since flying robots are possible and they won’t see stairs as an obstacle.  Additionally, if you are ‘too secure’ the robots may simply destroy your building.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Pretending to be a robot might prove difficult but in a pinch it might be the only way to get out of a sticky situation.  Do not admit to any emotion – such as saying this like “I hate it when it is hot out.” or “I’m afraid I don’t know the name of the lead singer of INXS.”  This is a dead giveaway you aren’t robotic.  Do not use contractions like I’m or you’re because robots rarely use contractions.  Feign an interest in types and qualities of oils and lubes.  Walk stiffly but efficiently.  Do not attempt to dance like a robot.  It looks silly and you will probably lack the precision timing that real robotic dancers have.

You have the power! Or at least you have the power to take the power away from the robots.  Robots that haven’t been outfitted with fusion power sources might rely upon solar power, with means covering the solar panels to block the sun’s nourishing rays is an effective way of hampering the robotic foe.  The Mars rovers suffer whenever dust covers up their solar panels so consider using dust and flour ‘bombs’ to cover the solar panels.  Paint would also be quite effective, making paintball guns a necessary part of your arsenal.


Written by robosteve

January 2, 2009 at 12:06 pm

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