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Robot Invasion of Mars

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I-SWARM, a robotic project that allows thousands of tiny (cenimeters long) scampering robots to communicate and coordinate like a colony of ants may be sent to Mars.  A swarm of robots provides a lot of backup so the failure of one unit does not mean the entire mission fails.

The researchers are now working on developing swarms of robots that can reconfigure themselves and assemble autonomously into larger robots as part of the EU-funded projects Symbrion and Replicator, with financing totalling EUR 5.3 million and EUR 5.41 million, respectively.

Symbrion and Replicator sound quite ominous.  Cool? Scary? Cool?  Scary-cool?

Cordis 12/3/2008 Life on Mars? It may come faster with robots


Written by geekmom99

December 3, 2008 at 2:56 pm